It was just yesterday afternoon when the local news was reporting teachers explaining sexual harassment to their students. Wait a minute wait a damned minute..


​Sexual Harassment Defined By Who Using What Criteria?


Once again my head explodes at the thought of very liberal teachers screwing with kids minds. They've done enough damage already. The only way you don't recognize what your children are being indoctrinated into is if your not paying attention to what's going on in the classroom or your one of them liberal types. 


But I Digress...


So the goal of this teach the kids sexual harassment campaign is to change the culture of our children. We thought they were already doing that making good little communist out of them all. But this sexual harassment thing open the flood gates for all kinds of agendas for those on the loony left. They will take advantage, "never let a good crises go to waste"! Even if you created it.


The Current Culture


Just who's to blame for the immoral conduct of our society? Can we submit to you the media in all forms. Remember the news man or woman that comes into your living rooms every night is not your friend, is not a family member. They are your guides following a script,  the goal being to get you to side with their view of the world and what you should think.


Movies, Music,TV, News, there are very few without an agenda or message, but over the decades they become more and more sexually explicit. Sitcoms, late night TV, even Saturday Night Live, not a one bit funny anymore, all loaded with political and social agendas. It's a constant coordinated drum beat of hate towards others not of like mind and to re-enforce the part of society that's slipped into the abyss of liberalism.


As we've pointed out singers prancing on the stage in little of nothing crotch grabbing, crotch shots, humping all the way. Michael Jackson, Madonna, Miley Cyrus and a host of others..



Look What They've Done..


​Almost every movie that comes out has a movie where the women characters are whooping ass on men twice their size. Not that it cannot be done but it's not the way it is for 98% of the population. It's bullshit, it's fantasy. 



​Just a few days ago we had the Dallas Marathon, where race organizers had the women start 30 min ahead of the men. The results were we had over a 2 hour broadcast of women as the front runners, showing very little of the men if any? Did the women run a faster race? No, but it surely looked that way as the winning woman literally limped across the finish line with help. Are we the only ones that saw this? 


The Point Is..


100 years ​Our society has been indoctrinated into the type behavior we now see by media moguls, actors, politicians and now chefs. The rich, well connected media types including Disney full of gay pride molded a society of rich political misfits we see in the congress & senate. Oh say can you see democrats? They now take turns stabbing their own to death for there is now a new agenda.


As we see it those on the loony left have no one to blame but themselves, they gave birth to the monsters inside and women played a huge part. it's now the gift that keeps on giving whether the allegations are true or not. All they need to do is hint..



But The Worst Of it All


Is these sorry liberal asses has given cover to Islamic zealots who follow the practices of sharia law, treat women as slaves, to the point they can be killed for crimes we find are not crimes at all.


Just where are they liberals? Where is pussy power? This is happening now, not decades ago. Women are being murdered around the world yet these brave women sit, do nothing, say nothing, in fact they have embraced it..


​For us allegations that are older then our grand kids give us reason to step back, just where in the hell have they been? What failed when they were being brought up? Pussy power they say, yet they coward for decades as little girls afraid to speak out. Most of theses brave women that now speak out are of the liberal persuasion which throws all kinds of red flags. 


​It's kinda funny to watch them devour their own, but beware there is an agenda. It's not what we see on the surface, it's pure politics...