I asked for an opinion on my Facebook page tonight. The question was simple. Was I profiled or was it a legitimate traffic stop on a dangerous highway with cars speeding by?  By the way I was not on my Bike or wearing colors. My grand children on board.


Tooling down I20 not speeding I saw the Parker County Sheriffs Deputy come up on my left side (rear quarter panel) he then swung behind me and followed for a while, then the lights come on, what in the hell can this be?


Interestingly enough he walked to the right hand side of the car where my grand daughter who just finished up her sophomore year at Tech was attending college class through a conference call of some kind. He spoke past my grand daughter and told me the reason he was pulling me over was that my Texas Tech license frame was partially covering the word Texas on my rear plate. Then not addressing me he asked my grand daughter in the rear seat where are yall going? She said Texas Tech orientation for me, proudly! He then asked me to take down my wife's handicap placard which was legitimate and a better reason for stopping me on a dangerous side of the road.

At this point I'm still trying to figure out what the hell? He went back to his car supposedly to write me a warning ticket for what is now two violations. One grand daughter is still in her class trying to listen as traffic whizzed by and the other is laughing calling me an outlaw and said he's profiling you for being a Biker paw paw.


This is something I had not thought of since I was not on my Bike or wearing a cut. The Deputy reappears and said I see you already fixed one violation and the other you can fix later or "not", have a safe trip. He walked away not handing me any sort of citation.


As I drive away and my grand daughter finishes her class and we start talking about MC profiling, it's a subject they have heard me discuss many times over the years . At the same time it dawned on me that on my left rear window is a Sons Of Liberty Riders MC decal.

Is it just me letting my mind run away? Thinking I may have been profiled for some reason. I mean that was a really lame reason for pulling me over. We've seen so many accidents and deaths involving cars on the side of highways. Maybe the Officer didn't see what he expected to see or been trained to think? Had I had any inkling at the time my attitude would have been different for sure and camera would be on.


MC Profiling Spillage Case & Point


A recent outburst by a White Settlement City Councilman Dave Mann who happens to be a Tarrant County Sheriffs Deputy came when he profiled Motorcyclist receiving a Motorcycle Safety Proclamation from the White Settlement City Council / Mayor.


The Councilman Mr Mann resigned in protest because of what he thought were Bandidos, Support Clubs, Outlaws, Gangsters, the Mob and so on. Fact is he was totally wrong and not all present were MC members. Of course he mentioned Twinn peaks for good measure. He went on to call the entire city corrupt, drug infested, prostitution running community.  


We think this is proof of the effect it's having on our community and the mindset that law enforcement has been indoctrinated into. They do not know enough about our community to to profile anyone with erroneous data made by biased people.


Things like Motorcycle Safety concerns every rider on two wheels, who law officers might pick and choose. Good behavior should be rewarded not chastised  by the prejudiced.


Twinn peaks was the largest case on MC Profiling in U.S. history over 200. We saw what happened because of erroneous data. Lives were ended and destroyed. The political career of a DA  destroyed, a prosecutors office in disarray and a County liable for millions. 


Profiling Motorcycles


We had guys up from Houston last summer for a Legislative Strike Force Meeting. They came out of the hotel they were staying in and found Cops profiling their Motorcycles trying an figure out what group they might be. Profiling is happening to all of us and we might not even know it.




We are left to ponder what the real reason for Popeye's stop might be, was it because Sons Of Liberty Riders decal or for a legitimate traffic stop on a very busy highway?


Sons Of Liberty Riders MC Defenders of The Constitution and those who have had their Constitutional rights violated has been involved legislatively in MC Profiling Nationally and State. Sons Of Liberty Riders MC has held 7 Protests / Rallies in front of the McLennan County Courthouse. We have no plans to back down. Matter of fact it could be unprecedented.


Either way we have plans for MC Profiling in Texas and it involves you. Stay tuned and Ride Safe.


Respect Popeye