There's a show on Netflix called Caught On Camera. 400,000 CCTV camera's watch over the streets of London. There's no shortage of crimes, fights, druggies and drunks to keep the CCTV squads busy into the wee hours of the mornings, weekends, holidays and special events.

 The Dallas Police Department has launched a new system in an effort to prevent and combat crimes at local businesses at a faster rate. The department calls the new program “Starlight.”


Virtual Patrol..


It is this a new trend or a gimmick that will push criminal elements into neighborhoods with no protection and much needed Police on the streets of Dallas. They'll need more than just convenience store cameras. Then again maybe its a place to put officers that are too fat, too lazy, unqualified or known bullies. Out of sight out of mind. Our schools do it.


Just sayin it's possible that's what it turns into.


Here's the truth. London cannot monitor 400,000 plus CCTV cameras. How many screens can one person monitor at a time. Lets say 40, that would be 10,000 police monitors for three shifts 24/7. Consider the are over 4 million CCTV's in The UK.


The Netflix shows London's CCTV force for the most part break up bar fights and petty crimes. Since 2005 there have been approx 12 terrorist attacks in the UK. Not a one was thwarted by CCTV coverage. Like all other law enforcement they are a reactionary force to crimes already committed. 


So, are monies committed to electronic gimmicks like CCTV and multiple Criminal Databases replace the much needed officer on the beat? Gimmicks will not alleviate The Dallas's Police shortage unless there's one on every street corner. Even then its reactionary and vulnerable to false or unneeded calls. With a governor who's demanding more databases it takes away from the security of the cop on the beat where crimes escalate and comes into what were safe neighborhoods.... Of course they'll always want more..


Just sayin

mel moss says...
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