It's been a few election cycles and two Legislative sessions since I met my good friends Paul Landers and Steve Cochran, both US Defenders leaders. It was because of their Legislative work I and Mel "OG" Robins decided we must be a part. Their Legislative work on motorcycle safety issues was and still is impeccable. I'm proud to be a part of US Defenders and the TX COC&I. Law Enforcement has it all wrong. The TX COC&I exists for Righteous reasons. No one, "no one" is forced to pay or be a member of the Texas COC&I


Paul Landers was sidelined from participating in any of the US Defenders programs after being arrested with 177 others at Twinn Peaks. The majority of those arrested are innocent of false charges. His criminal activities that day, "putting up a sign that said sign in here" or something to that effect. Paul had no clue what was waiting in the shadows, had no clue of a fight, he was doing his job getting ready for a Region 1 COC&I Meeting, on his mind had to be the success of SB 754. Matter of fact it was on all our minds. For those of us who walked the halls of the Texas State Capital seeking support for that Bill it was special. 

Paul Landers National Lt Commander US Defenders Speaks Before Transportation Committee from Texas Biker Radio on Vimeo..  


SB 754 was sent to the House floor and just a short time after Twinn Peaks was signed into Law by the Governor. Law Enforcement would have the public believe we are "all" planing criminal activities at TX COC&I meetings. Take note we've invited LE to come in, happened in Duncanville TX. A meeting site neighbor called the police. Officers showed up, we invited them in, but "no" they did not want to see or hear anything other than what they had been told through gossip, innuendos or really poor training.


85th Legislative Session: 


Getting ready for the 85th Legislative Session, the summer of 2016. We knew getting any Motorcycle Profiling Bills would be tuff if not impossible. Not because of the false narrative LE had thrown on Bikers.


It's in our view was the Black Lives Matter continued murder of police officers with the backing of liberal politicians. It created a tidal wave of support for LE in the Texas State legislature and beyond. It was so strong, if legislators thought it would be seen negatively by LE it would not get support. So went the Motorcycle Profiling Bill "DOA" we were told.


TX COC&I Region 2:


As US Defenders Commander Region 2  I get a chance to speak to the membership. Yesterday I told them how proud I was of US Defenders and the work we've done. How proud I was the be a Member of the TX COC&I. You cannot be effective if your not open to all clubs and independents. This includes 1%, last time we checked it's not illegal to be a member of a 1% club or any other percent for that matter. We're just sayin..


We are a part of something special, prayer, national pride, respect, brotherhood, politics, a place to solve problems, differences and so many charitable causes for our brothers, sick children, disaster relief.


The list is endless and It's a wonderful thing. 



If you're going to throw verbal rocks at us. You had better find a bigger rock than the FBI or Waco PD has. We are going nowhere, we are growing, we are as one.


Next Battle:


In politics there is always another battle. If you don't succeed you critique and regroup. The next battle is around the corner with the next election cycle. Here we come!!






​US Defender Region 2 Commander