This kind of behavior by a police officer is the direct result of the actions by Waco PD & the DPS. Motorcyclist have been vilified to the point that police officers feel the urge to push the envelope of hate even when its not called for. 


We've repetedly asked about the training of Police & DPS officers. Especially these OMG seminars that we believe are full of misinformation, cesationalism, innuendos and just plain garbage with hate talk. 


​The Mayor Betsy Price  ( a bicycle path moron) of Fort Worth is responsible for the actions of her police department and it officers. The police officer who sprayed the bikers with pepper spray has been identified as officer W. Figueroa. He now riding a desk pending the investigation. He's now claiming he was scared. Really? He should find another line of work. 


Regardless of what the bikers were doing before hand, the bikers were passing the police officers car at a slow speed and moving away from the officer to give room as the law requires when emergency vehicles are on the side of the road.


​Over the past decade police departments and over aggressive police officers have become their own worst enemies. Lies, innuendos, cover ups  have been actually made certain sections of society turn against them. Police officers are now being murdered in the streets. Bikers are not the culprits, there is no reason for us to be vilified and mistreated by the law..  


Police departments seem to have an endless supply of bad apples, especially here in Texas..


Ride safe this summer,  give the bullies with a badge no excuse to harm you...  We suggest you by a camera that loops to video your rides. 




Mel Moss