3 Years and counting Bikers have endured, regardless of Law Enforcement, judicial intimidation, bullying and attacks that resulted in death.


We will never get use to seeing the Constitutional Rights of innocent Americans violated on a consistent basis.  No matter who they are, what they might be wearing and who they associate with.


Every American should be treated with respect and not judged by mere appearance and false innuendo based on biased material gathered by people or organizations with an agenda. 


Americans believe innocent until proven guilty and fairness under the law. That's not what we've been seeing. It's more like public lynchings, character assignations through the media. The fact is they've gotten away with this for so long it's gotten out of control. On top of that the militarization of Police departments has resulted in Nazi type units full of steroids operate as if they were in some foreign land, we've become enemies of the state.


Maybe part of it is frustration since the Law has not made a dent in the so called war on drugs which has turned into an ATM machine for public figures and bankers. 


We feel what happened in Tarrant County in front of Wilson's Leather Goods was really nothing more than profiling and intel gathering for their fusion centers, a fishing expedition of sorts, hoping they could find something. "Anything" to fit the narrative so they could lock some one up and send a message. Sound familiar? 


There are political prices to be paid for this kind of behavior. Ask Abel Reyna. There are Bikers that still believe in the Constitution and the inalienable rights given to us by God, not the DA, not the Police nor any elected official. 


We can hang,  few will plea and take deals if they feel they are innocent of crimes. We will keep our cool and seek redress. 


Because they can not stop us...