Well, Hello Brothers & Sisters & Bikers across America It's been some time since I've written a Sasquatch on the road report . Well I've decided to include a subtitle on this report Im going to call it, Raggen on the Soap Box ! But first I want to tell you some more about our club & and our great leaders of our marvelous Mother Chapter ! 

We don't claim any specific territory,  but we meet in Arlington, Tx. for our monthly  Church meeting and we have members across the north Texas Metroplex in our Chapter . I'm proud to say we now have 5 chapters in 4 States.Thanks to the tireless work of our Great leaders. Our Club President  Mel "Popeye" Moss & Our Co-founder Mel "Og" Robbins!

  You can watch them on our radio show a new episode in the series airs once a week at texasbikerradio.org and on You Tube. I have learned a lot from listening about what is going on in the biker community . I believe they just released T.B.R. #344. I feel like I just cant say enough about Popeye & OG they are US Defenders and protectors of our Constitution, true patriot's. They are really on top of there game when it comes to politics and Bikers Rights.

We are a politically motivated Club which means we go to political rallies to voice our opinions and vote down bad bills against bikers rights .We are 3 percenters. The club has a weekly bike night at several locations in the Metroplex on Thursday nights. This last Thursday 05/23 it was at the Pour house in Keller, Tx. Salute ! And we have a weekend ride almost every weekend as long as the weather permits that's about 75 percent of the time here in north Texas .

Here's one more tidbit about S.O.L.R. MC That I'm sure you will find interesting, as motor cycle activist.

We have been credited with taking down the corrupt D.A. of Waco,Tx. And let me tell you when Popeye & OG get fed up with Corrupt law enforcement they will expose them for what they are.. By having Freedom rally's in the empty weekend parking lot across the street from the McLennan county Court house in Waco, at least 4 times, and paying for articles in the Waco Tribune to spread the news to the people and send them to our web site for more info. 😉


Able Reyna has been voted out of office, (Yea) he was responsible for the arrest of 200 Bikers after the Twinn Peaks shooting incident by Police in Waco, Tx. 


He (Able) had everyone arrested in attendance there, Innocent or or not. About 200 in all And seized their property, it took place In the spring of 2015 . May 17th .
He thought that this outrage against bikers would propel his career to new heights but it has brought him to new lows.Thanks to the efforts of our Great leadership here at S.O.L.R. MC.  This is a real & incredible accomplishment, to unseat a corrupt D.A in his tracks. 


All the charges against the innocent bikers have been dropped by the new D.A.( after longer than four years,finally!) And the Civil suits are about to begin !  Now (Raggen on the Soap Box) Baby.

Well, what I want to Rag about the most standing on this soap box, for everyone who will listen, is The Motorcycle profiling of any club member or independent wearing a kutt !  This is being mandated by our wonderful Government, to get your name into a criminal database if you ride or belong to a club, their main goal has been to profile 1% clubs, but they will harass & profile anyone on a motorcycle! Carried out by there minions, yes Government agents called law enforcement. We are not against law enforcement, but we stand against  the corruption within.This runs deeper than you may realize and calling it you job dont make it right Hoss.

I know for a fact that in certain citys here in north Texas, the Police have been threatening businesses like restaurants & bars that allow bikers in kuht's in there establishments . O, this piss's me off so F-ing bad ! They threaten to harass all there patterns & to sick the Department of the Texas T.A.B.C.on them, who issue's liquor license's it's a pretty empty threat but never the less effective on business owners who have been banning kutt's & colors because of this harassment.

The police have started a total onslaught against Biker's and there constitutional right to freedom of expression ! People we must push back & stand up for our rights or they will eventually take them away just like the pathetic Democrats by their true name, they want to abolish the second amendment & take away our gun rights, among other terrible enactments.I say Hell no to that and M.C. profiling. The Police are wasting there time and our tax payers money looking for criminals among law abiding Citizens who work for there money & have a love for riding motorcycles.


I say, send these lying corrupt Politicians packing!  Back to the hell hole whence they came never to return! America, if you dont love it leave it. Bye bye & good riddens.

This has been, (Raggen on the Soap Box) from The Sasquatch on the road  report.Everybody keep the rubber side down & all you bikers, keep on Biking. & Ride Safe. Sasquatch S.O.L.R. MC.  Loyal Nine patch holder ! 

P.S.we are growing & always looking for good Prospects to become members of our club if your interested Contact our Senior S.A. William (Geezer) Lewis. Or our Jr. S.A.MarkGrease Monkey)Wane Vickers on Messenger . Thanks for your support in the fight to keep our God given right's ! And stop the madness that our Government is perpetrating.


As Only Sasquatch Could Say....