A COVID 19 Easter:


It's the strangest Easter Sunday of all in modern times. People of faith by the millions are tuning in to live streams from Churches around the world. Many are setting attendance records as the Gospel of Jesus Christ goes outside of Church walls. The world needs it.


We know Faith plays a big part in the community of Bikers. When times are hard whether it be for a Brother / Sister or Family in need. We are there for each other. COVID 19 will be overcome, so lets support those who need our help and pray for those lost.


Thank God for Motorcycle Ministries and MC Clubs around the world. 


Deputy Coifi
Remember This Guy?


Harassment Alert: City of Burnet in Burnet County TX. Burnet County Deputy Coifi proudly proclaims he harrasses and profiles because he can. Thats exactly what he and three Burnet city cops did in a private parking lot of a convenience store. The Deputy was wrong of it being public property while boasting. Bikers making a rest stop, restroom and a drink should not rise to probable cause. 


Of course we know Deputy K. Coifi has been indoctrinated into the narrative put out by the State & DPS. What makes this unusual is the man himself. We've seen law officers loaded to the hilt with equipment and many time wonder how in the hell they even move? The Deputy takes it to a new level with a crummy smart ass attitude to boot. Even though the Bikers were clearly miffed they kept it civil and within reason. It's not against the law to be pissed and letting them know when things are unwarranted. 

So much so it reminded Popeye of Sons Of Liberty Riders MC who back in the day as a burglar alarm tech of a nightwatchman that had more weapons than Pancho Villa. Popeye considered the nightwatchman dangerous to the public and himself.


He looks at Deputy Coifi in the same way. We'll certainly add his name to the list of those who would violate our Constitutional Rights and for the most part ignorant of the Constitution and the law itself. Just because he can doesn't make it right and thanks for the video.


Outside of that we love the dog. He needs it.


TBR News will seek body cams / dash cams from Burnet City & County


Note: You would think Burnet County might have other priorities during a pandemic. Like wellness checks but on the other hand don't send Deputy Coifi who might shoot some innocent person, would be shades of Fort Worth... Just sayin..




COVID 19 Which Ways Up?


It's one thing we've learned about this Virus other than being deadly for those in poor health is that the average American citizens are the last to know and we are left to fend for ourselves. Its clear early on we were in real trouble and not ready for this type of attack man made or otherwise. The system in place was not built for this and has been that way for a very long time. So our health systems have been fighting COVID 19 on the fly. 


Time was wasted by the Chinese and World Health Organization (WHO) by not telling the truth about how the virus was spread and how deadly it was. That's two entities that were not looking out for world health, that was an attempted cover up we give money to one and the other we've exported our manufacturing to. Including the manufacturing of our own health products. 


We can handle being brutally honest with us and what our part is. We bought in to the need for social distancing and shutting the country down as the alarms were being sounded. Since the beginning Health Scientist and Doctors have been running the show and giving the President advice with very little data to back up projections. 


At 1st the public was told you don't need masks although we could clearly see people around the world wearing them along with our own health care workers and 1st responders.


It was clear the world was buying them up and really they were trying to make sure healthcare workers had adequate supply. Then weeks later we were told wear masks make your own! Then news, COVID 19 buggers can travel 27' and today they tell us tiny particles can travel 13' and traveling room to room in hospitals, "danmed"!   So much for 6', which ways up?  


Another thing is clear "testing" which the media keeps harping on. 330 million will not be tested anytime soon even with new test coming online. They don't want to see you if you don't have symptoms, ride it out at home if they are mild. We heard this morning 40% of early tests gave false readings and we believe people around the world who claim they are getting the virus a 2nd time is because of false readings the 1st time they were tested. Which Ways Up!


It's clear there were never enough Ventilators in the stock piles so then came ventilator wars with the NY Governor leading the charge and at time beating up on the federal government. Then came the word that putting people on the ventilators was actually exacerbating the problem. People were doing better on oxygen alone, so hospitals are not requiring the ventilators requested. Which Way Is Up!


Wrapping up! It's clear we can't keep the country shut down, businesses are dying. Especially those that have small profit margins and businesses that just opened their doors. Until vaccine is developed we are going to have to take risks, just like essential workers that continue to work in the midst of a pandemic and the scientist / doctors struggle to keep us informed in a sea of political misinformation.

New Amazon Uniform
New Amazon Uniform


Elected Officials should not use COVID 19 to gain political advantage and power. America the people should be 1st, not a political party and financial gain. 


Early May is back to works America. Bikers have your backs...