This morning Popeye issues a Gang Database Alert based on Gang Database Research (GDR). Positive hits have occurred. Bikers who've had no criminal history, have not been profiled, "ever"! Find themselves in a Texas database after making a database inquiry through the following Link. Check Database.


Popeye will be speaking on this at the July 27th Bikers Rights Rally in Milam County TX.


There are some interesting factors that go along with each case and it's mind blowing. Here's the facts, we need more of our own data to have serious effect. If you ride a motorcycle and have ever been to any sort of event with Motorcycle Clubs present. Check to see if your in a gang database.


Please let us know if you are in a gang database and you feel you do not belong and have been wrongly accused.  


Note: Any State maintaining a gang database is subject to misinformation by biased LE. Do your due diligence and find out if you've been wrongly accused of being a gang member.