Fort Worth Police Traffic Division denied an escort for Vietnam Veteran Mike Fisher because he is not an officer. We've never heard such until now. A spit in the eye of enlisted men & women across Texas and America... 

Seems as only those that are celebrity status get escort privileges in Fort Worth. We've never had a problem in surrounding cities when it come to Honoring our Vets. Chris Kyle wasn't an Officer, Chad Littlefield wasn't even a Veteran. Don't get us wrong we love Chris Kyle, Chad Littlefield and their families. We rode in their processions and were proud to do it.


Since there may be no escort PGR has told us they could not participate without an escort. They have no trained road captains. They've offered to meet us at the gates of DFW National Cemetery. We are confused, maybe too many missions and too few riders. Just a guess.

It's not like our procession would be a a half mile long. More than likely very small unless Veterans get involved. 


A long story short. Army Veteran Mike Fisher died alone over two months ago, no friends, no family that cared. He was abandoned at a crematorium in Plano TX. We raised the money to pay the Bill and arranged for a proper burial at DFW National Cemetery. Procession was to start at the Saginaw PD who contacted us about Army Vet Mike Fisher. Detective Robert Richardson was worried Fisher would end up in a county cemetery unidentified.


We are just trying to do the right thing and it should not be this hard...


Procession goes off as planed escort or no! Facebook Events