There's a good possibility Abel Reyna is going to make himself scarce in the courtroom during the Twinn Peaks trials until the primaries  What do we call that? Leading from behind is one, hiding from disaster, plausible deniability, it's their fault, I gave them a good case and they screwed it up he might say.


Man on the run is what it would be.


As acquittals and mistrials mount the liability from Abel Reyna's actions is soon to be noticed by those money men high in the Republican Party backing him. Those money men are not necessarily married to the party, switch hitters if you will. Who's hot who's not.. Abel's cooling down. 


There's one thing for sure, there are areas he's as illiterate as the next guy.   


One is on scene criminal investigations, Sherlock Holmes is turning in his grave. it's now more than ever exposed, he lacked the skills and expertise to figure it all out, so everybody goes to jail and we'll make up something, fill in the blanks, every law enforcement officer here sign on please..


Another is he doesn't know crap about the COCI, MC's, 1% Clubs, Bandidos, Cossacks outside of what he's been told by Law Enforcement. From there it get worse because what they know comes from unreliable sources as testified by the current Waco PD Police Chief. Of course like 99% of all DA's truth doesn't matter, it's convictions and plea bargains baby, innocent or not.


 Abel Would Be Wise To Use This Advice Going Forward 


​If Abel Reyna is not present for the mess he's made he's on the run, if Abel Reyna is not there trying those actually guilty of a crime he's full of himself and not an honest man...He would be on the run not only from the community but from himself..







We Ask You Take A Look Barry Johnson 


He Has Concerns About The Liabilities Caused By The Actions Of Able Reyna.  McLennan County Needs An Honest Man As DA So The People Can Believe In Justice For All, That Our Constitutional Rights Are Being Adhered To No Matter Who You Are.   


What's Even Better Is You Can Go By His House Pick Up A Sign, Talk To Him, Hear What He Has To Say. 4008 Trice Ave, Waco TX