Texas Crime Information Center 


The Texas Crime Information Center (TCIC) provides immediate access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to law enforcement agencies throughout the state to data regarding the stolen status of property and the wanted, missing, sex offender, or protective order status of persons.


This is who ends up checking your status in the Gang Database. It's got us wondering if the task was shuffled off to them since the gang database is not mentioned as a task they perform. We assume the data collected by LEO's lands here or they have access to the multiple databases around the state.


If this outfit (TCIC) does the research whats the job of the other gang database facilities the Governor is building?  We've pointed out it's a waste of money and the whole fight on crime is nothing more than a facade.


Gang Databases has zero effect on preventing the crimes we see on the streets of Texas. Politicians have our law enforcement agencies chasing their tails. Money and assets wasted on the wrong things. The will is not there to stop criminals, too much money to be made by those in power. 


A recent gang database inquiry by our Houston Chapter were told "that's done by the night shift guys". We're puzzled by that statement sense their literature says it's a 24 hour operation. We think the whole system is loosely put together and maybe controlled by geeks not qualified as gang or omg specialists. 


Sadly once you find your way into one of theses gang databases who's input comes from biased individuals (LEOs) you've been labeled a criminal. No trial, no jury, no chance to face your accusers, the damage is done.


Once again we are asking you to be bold and check to see if your in a OMG Gang Database On Our Front Page then when you receive an answer Take Our Database Survey


We would not be asking you to do this if we had not already found mistakes. 


Note: After a month of hounding Popeye finally received an answer from the TCIC


Here's what you might receive if your not listed:  


In response to your request below, the Department conducted a search on the name provided within that request.  As of August 22, 2019, there were no records found within the TXGang database matching the information provided. 

According to statute, the subject of the record has a right to request whether there has been information collected on them and stored within the gang file; however, they have to provide reasonable written verification of the identity of the person making the request and if not the subject of the record, then they must also state their relationship to the subject of the record.