It's interesting that we received a call from the Texas Nationalist Movement last week wanting to know if we would be interested in a visit to explore the possibilities and just days later we see a post from the Atlantic Magazine online that 3 out of 5 Texas supporters would consider a Texas succession over a Hillary Presidency.


First let us say we are not there yet, the kids are back to school for more government indoctrination (government good - earth is burning we are going to die) and after the labor day holiday most Americans will settle into their daily routines. Lets hope that somehow the people see through the main stream media's obvious bias toward the left winged Oligarchy. There is still a lot of time left for things to change and reverse course but in order for that to happen the people that will decide must overwhelm a corrupt system designed to keep the elite and corrupt in power.    


After Labor Day it's crunch time, let the debates begin, football or not, for those that give a damned we all can record the debates. It's time to decide the direction of the country, whether to seek a new path or continue on with bigger government, massive debts, massive immigration, corruption and zero accountability for any of it by public officials at all levels.


Like America itself, Texas is under assault in all directions, if Hillary becomes President Texas would be a major battleground in the fight to save the Nation or whats left of it from a socialist hell as manufacturing and jobs will continue to leave the country at record pace.


Obama started the flood of immigrants to fundamentally change America and Hillary will finish the job with an uncontrolled flood of immigrants like never seen in our history. With it brings an uncontrolled flood of poverty because these people have no visible means of support other than government. it's all a recipe of disaster for our children's future. Please understand why Britons voted to leave the EU, better known as Brexit. 


It is our view that Texas must never take succession off the table, "ever". but first we must have politicians in office who support that stance, politicians who are willing to tell the federal government "hell no" get out of our business or we will send you packing.



Rick Perry mentioned it once during the first Tea Party Rallies in 2009 but was never serious, it was pure BS for the media headlines and voters. Of course the left loonies attacked him viciously. 


Do we have such politicians? A few months ago we might have said Cruz, but his latest dance has made him look like he's willing to accept Hilary along with the republican side of the Oligarchy and full of self interest. When we sent him to the Senate we expected him to work to protect Texas and the Constitution, not run for President in his first term. That being said it doesn't get any better in the State House. They should all be raising hell and in lock step. That's not happening.


Should the people be raising hell? Yes we should. Should we at least hear what the Texas Nationalist movement has to say? With the chance that Hillary is elected we think we should explore all options. 


Would you be interested in attending a Meeting with one of them to learn what it's all about? Comment yes no at Sons Of Liberty Riders RC on facebook where this article is posted. if enough interest is there we will make it happen.







Note: From the Texas state constitution that make it perfectly clear: Texas voluntarily joined the union but did not surrender power to the union. It reserves the eternal right to run its own affairs.

From the Texas Constitution, article 1, section 1:

“Texas is a free and independent State, subject only to the Constitution of the United States…”

As points out: Note that it does not state “…subject to the President of the United States…” or “…subject to the Congress of the United States…” or “…subject to the collective will of one or more of the other States…”

Texas has both the legal and moral right to secede from a corrupt union.