Who's This?
Waco's law enforcement & judicial systems stubbornness  will be their demise. We've asked that they release and drop all charges against those that were not involved in the parking lot fight. Instead they chose to double down with lies and innuendos with the backing the media and politicians. The citizens in Waco will pay dearly as cases are lost and lawsuits mount.



The Good Ole Boys Judicial System Will Be Exposed.


​As people are released their side of the stories are quite different from the scenario's painted by law enforcement. Its now clear WPD was complicit in what went down in the parking lot. Just how far remains to be seen and will come out in the trials. Right now they are the butt of every law school's jokes. Law school professors say it a great time to be a defending lawyer in Waco.


No One Is Coming 


There is one thing that's clear to us. There's no one riding in to save the day for bikers who have been slandered unmercifully by WPD. State Legislators know of the work US Defenders has done on motorcycle safety issues. This would include Ken Paxton  and Greg Abbott who had SB754 signed into law. Their silence is deafening, but we understand the politicians first reactions will be to back the law until they are exposed, proven wrong and lying. 


In the age of zero accountability there isn't much hope unless we raise hell and demand it. That's what blacks do.

The diference is we can't burn down neighborhoods and have the feds turn a blind eye.


Its going to be left up to us in the Biker community to stand up defend ourselves publicly. Years of great political and charity works have been trashed as if they were nothing. They were called fronts for criminal activities and that message was carried around the world by the media without question.


Taking On the Law? 


In an inter view TCOC President & Bandido Jimmy Graves recorded from the KXAN Austin news Monday night May 18th 2015 said just how long do you think the Bandidos would last taking on the law? He was absolutely right, that's not an option. Understand what we are facing is a federal government gone rogue. We are not there yet.


What to do?


​#1. We publicly protest against the lies and innuendos coming out of Waco. That wall is crumbling for Waco LE. 


#2. "We organize" not only in Texas but around the Nation 'All For 1". There are 450,000 motorcycles in the State of Texas. That's potential political power and we need to unleash it.


We need to educate so members know where that power can be most effective. 


​To know this still works just look at the recent success the open carny folks had in the state house. I personally thought that movement was dead because of the foot in the door incident that sent law makers into a panic and had panic buttons installed in each representatives office. We now have open carry in Texas. 


​On top of that SB754 the motorcycle safety was signed into law on 6/6/2015 By Governor Greg Abbott. it was to be brought up at the TP COCI meeting.. 


All For 1 is planning a political get together later this summer after the 2nd Wave in Waco. 


First thing first Join the 2nd Wave at FB Events.


Its no secret the Sons of Liberty Riders are a group of Bikers who are political activist. There is power in numbers, we still believe in the Constitution & the Bill of Rights. These are powerful tools given to us by the founders guided by the hand of God. 


Lets use them.