Who's ever heard of the Board of Adjustment? It's the unknown unelected people who's ready to stomp on the innocent its all about money. The car wash must go. Who's next?


South Dallas is plagued with crime what has The City / Dallas PD done about it? You can google places not to go in Dallas. Guess one of the 1st areas that pops up? Dallas along with other cities in the State have run what they consider undesirables out. Lets include the homeless for good measure.Most of the undesirables just move on to another area? Maybe your neighborhood is the next recipient? They gotta go somewhere. 

Instead of shutting the Car Wash down and saving a few much needed jobs in South Dallas, Dallas PD could install one of their new snoop cams. You know, monitored by Police sitting on their asses looking at CCTV screens instead on the beat. Its gonna be the latest fad in Police work. Right up there with criminal / gang databases. We haven't heard a success story yet in preventing modern crime, but they sure spend a lot of our money chasing boogie men. 


Surely we can find better use for tax payer funded trained Police Officers? Instead they might consider neighborhood volunteers could man the monitors, there are plenty of retired Military looking for something to do. It doesn't take an Einstein to see something brewing at a local 7-11.  Just sayin!


So since Jim's Car Wash was shut down the city runs to the media and claims crime is down in a 500 ft diameter around the car wash. Wow! How about a 5 mile area? Those folks that gathered at the car wash had to go somewhere. Just wondering if they might brag about that?


Student Killed Allen TX
Student Killed Allen TX

A car wash owner cannot fix the morals of the people. Matter of fact crimes, drugs and murders happen in some of the most affluent neighborhoods in Dallas / Fort Worth. Our schools who have students from a very young age for more awake hours than parents do. The end product has students with no respect, no morals and an attitude of I'm special and I'll show you. We are seeing the results play out in cities across Texas and the Nation. Its compounded in South Dallas because of poverty levels and the lack of opportunity in that area. The rich blacks don't invest in South Dallas outside of fast food franchises. The loss of any job in that area compounds the situation.


Don't blame South Dallas business men / women whether they be white, black, hispanic. If you really want to kill the neighborhood drive businesses and opportunity out. 


I'm sure on a drawing board there is a plan for South Dallas and I would be surprised if it's revitalizing the neighborhood people have called home. The Council Of Government is another batch of unelected officials who find ways of spending billions of government dollars. Mostly on Agenda 21 projects like high rise living and mass transit that loses money by the Billions. That's another story.


You see years ago (70's) downtown Dallas & South Dallas was my area as a burglar / fire alarm tech. Downtown Dallas where minority neighborhoods used to be have all but disappeared.  Now it's high rises, fancy restaurants, entertainment. It's filled with the beautiful wealthy people don't ya know? Can you say Uptown / Victory Park? The city wants "more"! Cheap available land will be south and west.

It's already happening and has been for decades. It's a slow death for those neighborhoods. The only thing left will be graveyards like the ones near Uptown that marks where the old neighborhood used to be. 


The city hall, city planners, downtown development, council of government, democrat poverty pimps, Dallas Police could give a shit about South Dallas. Keeping people and neighborhoods down gives all of them the opportunity for more...


Shit like this is the very reason the folks in Sand Branch TX has been halling water 33 years and counting..