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Afternoon 10/12/17


Oct. 12th 2017 8:45AM - Legendary Jim Parks Comments



8/24/17: According to a frustrated Judge Strother's the trial will proceed Sept 12th 2017 Jake Carrizal they've rescheduled jury summons for Sept.1st.



This was after a 30 min. closed door session with the Judge. Defense attorney Ms. Gotro refused to go unless the court reporter and her client Jake Carrizal accompanied the prosecution and defense. Apparently she got her way.


Note: She did not mention her threat to file a motion of recusal on the judge on 8/22/17.    --- Radio Legendary Reports

8/22/17 : Finally something worth reading from the Waco Tribune Little Lady Lawyer from Houston Got Some Spunk as she takes on the biased judge struthers files motion to recuse. 


However, her motion to stay further proceedings, filed Tuesday morning, and her threat to seek to recuse Strother put the Sept. 11 trial date in jeopardy. Judge to go into convulsions.


She also said a motion to recuse Strother "will be filed imminently," which, by law, would preclude Strother from taking any more action in Carrizal's case until the issue is resolved. Another convulsion.


The DA Reyna is saying that they gave Casie Gotro has all the evidence, Reyna then says that some DNA is still being tested. Huh!


If as Swanton said 14 officer's placed on administrative leave as standard procedure after firing their weapons,  where are the other 11 officer's and their weapons & BALLISTICS REPORTS?