Recent Testimony By a former FBI agent turned "expert" in a San Antonio Federal Court explained that COCI Meetings are legitimate Political Organizations. He went on to explain the FBI itself used tactics developed by COCI members.


Note: To the powers that be that continually harass Bikers or collect random data for participating in the Political Process. It's their right to peaceably assemble per the Constitution no matter who they might be, what Club they might be a member of or who they associate with. Your Constitutional Rights "never" completely go away unless they are violated by the Law, the Courts and lock you up.

Even then you can seek redress by writing, knowing the law, protesting and participating in the politician process. They can never completely silence you or me. It's our job as citizens to speak up.


Assuming that everyone in a COCI or any other type political meeting is a criminal or having criminal intent without probable cause is a violation of our Constitutional Rights as American Citizen.


COCI meetings have been happening across America and Texas for decades. It wasn't until Waco PD and the DPS decided to fan the flames and instigate that brought on anything other than a normal peaceful political meeting. 


Twinn Peaks erupted into a parking lot fight that had nothing to do with the COCI meeting itself. After May 17th 2015 was 3 years of outright falsehoods and lying by numerous LE agencies. 3 years and one delay after the other helped us expose the corruption in the McLennan County DA's office. The fact is Abel Reyna and the collusion with the McLennan judges made the political battle easy for us.


We knocked Abel Reyna out of office in the primaries as promised.  There was one Biker that knew of Abel Reyna's fate on election day "Popeye", not even soon to be DA Barry Johnson thought he would win. They still don't know what hit them and we're not telling. 


Way before Twinn Peaks we were being profiled for attending Political meetings and it wasn't just Bandidos and 1% Clubs. Not when you have LE with cameras taking pictures of license plates / vin numbers on every Bike there. Not everyone is a 1% Club member. They're actually profiling your Bike and you to put into a data base some where. In our opinion it's a misuse of public funds. 


When they (The Law) pulls you over for the slightest infraction they are just casting a net to see what they come up with. Some officers are honest will tell you they are instructed to collect data.


 Bad Data In:  Civil rights groups filed a lawsuit Tuesday alleging that the Chicago Police Department relies on an error-plagued database that names up to 195,000 people as gang members, including many who have never been in a gang.


Click The Pic Above For North Texas Fusion Center This Is One Of Many 


Do you think that the Data collected by Texas LE is 100%, 75% or even 50% correct. "Nobody Knows", there is no oversight. 


It's our opinion the data is collected by biased or misinformed LE members. Maybe they've read the reports of the DPS & FBI which are full of lies and innuendos to set a "narrative". If it was as bad as they say it was Bikers would be in the news every night like law Enforcement Officers are. And for the same crimes they claim Bikers are guilty of. The facts are Outlaw Public Officials OPO's are guilty of more crimes than all Biker Clubs put together across America. It's by the 1000's over a 10 year period.


Remember these gang units need a reason to exist. The harassment and profiling will continue until you and thousands of others decide to participate. It's as easy as sharing this article to your friends. 


Independents should note. You do not have to be on your Bike to be profiled. You can be in a hotel while the police collect data on your Bike. This happened to our Houston Chapter members while visiting us in the DFW area. This profiling will spill over on to you because of misinformed police officers who really don't know one Biker from the other or one Club from the other. The recent rant by a Sheriffs Deputy in White Settlement TX shows us that reality. There are PO Bullies who love the harassment they can give to anyone that crosses their path. In today's society no one likes a bully. 


This works in our favor. They can't help themselves. "Video It"


We suggest if you have any outstanding tickets or any other type legal problems you clean it up asap and deny these gang units any arrests to go along with data mining of your person or Bike. 


Note: We think data collecting of any Biker  without probable cause should not go unpunished, by the city, county, LE agencies responsible. 


Understand it's all politics and they can't stand we are participating in the process. We can't be denied. 


Unite Brothers & Sisters Unite..