As Veterans we learn early on that you do not have to obey an unlawful order. We see no reason law enforcement should not do the same when it comes to politicians who frequently violate Constitutional Rights of American Citizens. Shame on the police officers who confiscated lawfully owned firearms from these American citizens and threatening them with prosecution. What we're seeing now is another city gone marxist mad..

It is our right to bear arms to protect our lives, our family, our homes, our neighbors against those that would do us harm. 


Jury Nullification, It's also our right to defend those who's Constitutional Rights have been violated. In this case we're talking about the St Louis couple who was defending their home from intruders uninvited into a gated neighborhood. With recent actions of anarchist groups like the BLM / Antifa and politicians who encourage them it's not hard to see why this would happen.


it's now the duty of all 2nd Amendment advocates to see these people are not unlawfully prosecuted for defending themselves and their home. 


Just sayin..