Welcome Citizens Of Milam County


 Milam County TX October 5th - Bikers Rally In Support Of A 24 Year Army Veteran Facing Prison Time Even Though He's Never Been In Trouble With The Law & Served His Country Honorably For 24 Years. The people of Milam County has the opportunity to set this injustice right.


You might ask who is Sons Of Liberty Riders MC? We are a Motorcycle Club whose mission is to Defend Our Constitution and those who’ve had their Constitutional Rights Violated. It’s not always just Bikers we defend.

What are Bikers Rights? It’s the same rights guaranteed by our Constitution and Bill Of Rights to every American Citizen. Over decades we find ourselves, vilified and mischaracterized by law enforcement and the media. So much so that the State Legislature has created laws that allow our Constitutional Rights be violated.

Its brought to our attention that a 24 year Army Combat Veteran (above) who is a Purple Heart Recipient, 2 time Bronze Star recipient, has been to every hell hole our country has sent our troops to the last 24 years was facing a Criminal Carry charge. He’s never been in trouble with the law, he has a CHL was vetted by the State as a non criminal.

What crime could a 24 year Honorably Discharge Veteran (never in trouble with the law)  have committed to receive such a charge, have his CHL revoked and put into a gang database.

Answer, he’s a Motorcycle Club Member.

Note Motorcycle Clubs are not “street gangs” but they are a reflection of the rest of our society. Like the rest of society there are a few doing dirty deeds, including law enforcement.  Drugs and the lure of easy big money can corrupt everybody such as the Border Patrol, DPS, Homeland Security, TABC, and on up the line. Reports by the FBI and studies done by Bolling Green University tells us the numbers of law enforcement arrests and convictions are staggering and the real numbers are unknown because of their abilities to cover their crimes and the courts that give special treatments / protections to law enforcement.

Matter of fact using the criteria described by law enforcement. Law enforcement itself should be in the street gangs database, since they commit more crimes they describe Motorcyclist of committing than "all" the MC’s put together.

We’re not trying to paint law enforcement with a broad brush because of a few bad apples. But that's certainly whats happening to Bikers throughout Texas. After discussing the amount of law enforcement officers arrested for crimes across the country (the numbers is staggering). Tarrant County Sheriff Bill Waybourne said to me a few bad apples can't spoil  the whole bunch. I answered back "exactly Sheriff".


We are here to seek redress from the citizens of Milam County. You have the ability to set things right for a single individual who has been wrongly labeled a criminal. Charges brought by a DPS Officer with a way less than stellar record himself.


What has happened to the merits of the individual? It's been thrown out the window in favor of collective hype. Used to paint everyone with a broad brush. Let us prove character still matters.

Patrick is a proud Army Combat Veteran who’s served his country. Just because your in a Motorcycle Club doesn't mean you lose your rights as an American Citizen.