Scatter Shootin - Bang Bang 


The Texas elector who cited his experience as a 9/11 first responder for his refusal to vote for President-elect Donald Trump appears to have fabricated the entire thing, according to an investigation by local news outlet WFAA.



Chris Suprun said he responded with the Manassas Park, Va., fire department after the third plane hit the Pentagon during the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. But WFAA’s investigation reveals that the department wasn’t among those responding to the attacks. What’s more, Suprun didn’t even join the fire department until October 2001 — a month after after the attacks.

“Fifteen years ago, as a firefighter, I was part of the response to the Sept. 11 attacks against our nation,” Suprun wrote in a New York Times op-ed

BTRN Coment:


The New York Times is so blinded by Trump / Conservative hate, due diligence went out the window decades ago. Matter of fact they (MSM) become suckers for those seeking their 15 minutes of fame, Suprun is now a Stolen Valor hero in the eyes of the progressives. Any lie will do, even those that disrespect those that actually protect us.


It turns out our good friends Eugene Ralph and Pastor Stepen Broden were supporters of Chris Suprun  as an electorate. They are now calling for his resignation, but realize this is not a man of Honor, he's a liar, a con artist, a flim flam man. He has no conscience!


Attention we need Extreme Vetting for electorates and maybe some legislation.


We need to track him Chris Suprun down at his work and expose him for what he is. No Fire Department should ever hire this guy.


FBI Does It Again:


The agencies that are supposed to be protecting us are at it again. Obama admin has them acting like blithering political idiots. FBI says it wasn't the Russian before it was. Hillary investigation closed before it wasn't, then close again after impossible research. CIA says Russian interfered with elections by getting into our heads then shows no proof, Congress oversight committee says brief us, CIA says too busy...


DOJ has thumbs up their ass as country is flooded with Illegals no vetting required..


God forbid a ISIS member slips through while they all bicker and do nothing..


Typical bureaucrats all, it's time to drain the swamps, yes all the swamps. Our country can't be protected with dueling political hacks. We are wide open and vulnerable. 


IRS High On The Hog



More than two dozen IRS employees traveled for more than half of fiscal 2015, incurring total costs of more than $1.4 million, according to a report from the staff of Senate Finance Committee.


There were 27 IRS employees who traveled for 125 business days or more. The trips had an average length of 207 days and an average cost of $52,800, the report found.


"The number of employees who travel more than half of the year and the cost at which they do so is simply unacceptable," the Finance Committee staff said in the report. The staff said many of the findings of their review were "troubling."

The committee staff took a closer look at 15 of the cases. They found that the lodging these employees chose "often appeared to be excessive and inappropriate" and six of the employees had laundry and dry cleaning expenses of more than $500.

"Luxury apartments, black car service, and unnecessary Amtrak Acela rides cannot continue," the staff said in the report.



















In a letter sent to IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, Hatch said that the report's findings were "frustrating" for two reasons.

The first was that the IRS was not fully using tools provided by federal travel regulations to significantly reduce the employees' per diem travel rates, and the IRS was making exceptions to its internal guidance on executive travel.

The second was that "the lack of effort by IRS employees to exercise prudence and economy when utilizing taxpayer funds is concerning" and appears to be in violation of federal travel regulations, Hatch said.

Hatch asked the IRS to respond to the report and describe how the agency plans to address the paper's concerns and recommendations.


TBRN Comment: Federal Agencies have been allowed to run a muck under the Obama Admin. Time to drain the swamp and get rid of them once and for all. Politicians need to quit protecting them.  


China Steal Navy Drone As Crew Watches - WTF


Has Obama turned our armed force into wussies? This is the 2nd time sailors have failed to take action when an enemy approaches. 1st to Iran when two small boat crews supposedly went into Iranian waters. They just simply gave up and embarrassed themselves in front of the world.


Then on Thursday a Chinese naval vessel seized the drone, which had been launched on Thursday from an American ship, the Bowditch, in waters off the Philippines. The American crew was in the process of retrieving the device when a small boat dispatched from the Chinese vessel took it as the American sailors looked on.


WTF shoot their ass!


All of the armed services have lowered standards and moral at the same time. Young people we know have left the Military in discuss.


Don't Think Just The Navy