Motorcycle Clubs Are Not Gangs - But you can't convince the FTW Police of that. We suspected this is all about show as far as the Law was concerned. Creating or trying to create Public Panic seemed to be the goal with the ATF / Star Telegram media blitz. Which included visits to the local businesses encouraging them to put up signs no colors. Predicting total doom with 300 to 700 iron horse riders shootin up the town, yahoo!!! All we needed was a Sgt Swanton type to appear. 


Although we're still waiting to see what statistics might say about the whole affair it looked pretty tame as thousands of tourist couldn't be kept away by the threat of rain or the Mongols MC. Matter of fact tourist seemed to take it all with stride as they stopped for pics with Mongols who were happy to oblige. At least that's what we saw in the stockyards. A typical day waitin for the next cattle drive.


There was some nasty behavior though. Not by the MC's. As we were driving past Wilson Leather Goods we saw this mass of police cars and a whole bunch of PO's kind of hanging around. Since our mission was police behavior we decided to see if we could nudge on inside for a look see.


Inside was some riders from Vagos MC  from various part of the country. Apparently they were being detained and profiled for existing. Welcome to Texas. We heard later two of their prospects were arrested for having weapons. Not knowing the difference between street gangs and motorcycle clubs the police promptly sent them to jail. Since the law claims gang members can't posses guns even if the have a LTC. In Texas you can carry in your vehicle. Still not knowing the difference between MC's and gangs it just gives them an excuse to violate your Constitutional 2nd Amendment Rights.  


Inside the police demanded hands up against the wall, One rider was away from the wall with his hands up. Not sure if there wasn't a spot on the wall for him or he did not hear. A FTW police officer drew his gun on him and Jeff Wilson little grand daughter started crying. We did see that kind of action was necessary since he was trying to comply. 



So we promptly pulled out video phones and went to work. It got real goofy when more cops and cars came in mass as if something had really gone down. Cars lined a whole city block with lights flashin and radios blairin makin a big ole scene. All we needed was a helicopter and 6 x 10 glossy pictures it would have been Alice's restaurant all over. . 


It gets better! We " the customers" became hostages. Yep, wouldn't let us leave. Cops willing to pull guns, AR 15's and crying kids. What next? Of course we tried to explain MC's are not street gangs "again" and how they could be classified as gangs themselves. 


I did give some thought to calling Sheriff Waybourn but instead we opted for escape out the back door where we promptly ran into more cops who threatened to take our phones a evidence for their investigation. I asked what investigation? 


Wasn't really an investigation of a crime going on. It was profiling and data mining of Bikers and they didn't seem to care for anyone from out of town. Shades of Waco it was. 


We left that cop and his buddy blabbing, threatening and continued our escape through the alleyway and adjacent street only to take more pictures out front.. 


Our Mission accomplished...