TX State Senator Don Huffines At LSF Meeting from Texas Biker Radio on Vimeo.


Back during the summer Region 2 Legislative Strike Force invited Texas State Representative Don Huffines to speak before our group.  He and State Senator Konnie Burton are working to reel in Civil asset forfeitures which have gotten out of control in this state. This is where the battle lines are drawn if we want change. 


In recent comments Donald Trump has stated his support of asset forfeitures. Criminal Asset Forfeitures run back all the way to the revolution. It nothing new and neither is the abuse of these laws both State & Federal law enforcement. Whether he understands this is questionable. I'm sure no one in his family have ever experienced it. Trump is working on a campaign promise to enforce the laws as they are written. 


Trump wants to be seen a Pro Law and Military President. These are two groups that gave him great support during the campaign and a major factor to all Americans who see a breakdown in our society. We will find there are many many Bikers in support of Trump's public stance that's meant to send a message. Let's not forget Trump also has a soft spot in his heart because of the support of Bikers during his campaign. 


It's our job in Texas to shine the light on the abusers like Waco's Able Reyna, Waco PD and the Waco Tribune who seemed to salivate over confiscated Harley's. When the call is made by Senator Huffines for support we should all swing into action and support his and Konnie Burton's efforts to reel in the abuse of these type laws. Let's face it Asset Forfeitures are not going away anytime soon unless there is a public outcry. LE has the upper hand with the ability to vilify at will no matter who is President. As we saw in Waco a willing media to carry the message is a powerful tool and LE owns it until we push back with the "TRUTH".


All that being said. Any Biker participating in illegal activities, especially drugs and such. Proceed at your own risk. Is it worth the risk? Since Twinn Peaks we've seen the devastation brought on by one out of control DA, a hyped up LE unit and an entire Police Department hell bent on sending a message (their words).


The money spent on getting people out of jail, lawyers to fight criminal charges could be spent on legitimate businesses. Hell, we could be a motorcycle Carlyle Group, it's certainly not beyond reason on a smaller scale. 


It's a new day and our future is bright if we want it to be?


Of course the lure of easy money is great. Even Law Enforcement members succumbs to it again and again don't they?