As I was driving down to Waco Barry Johnson sent me a message, I didn't read until I returned home 1AM.


Barry Johnson's Text:  Phoenix Ball Room Mel.  Come on down friend.  I am feeling like we might get beat, but we damn sure put up a fight.  Thanks for all your help.


Like Barry I always hold back a little although I was optimistic because of the background numbers I know about. Still very hard to knock an incumbent out of office. Not impossible because I've seen it too many times.


​When I arrived at the watch party they told me Reyna was working the polls late. That told me he was either behind or the race was close.


Boom right off the bat early voting Barry Johnson 58% Reyna 42% which was the kiss of death in politics, too much to overcome.   


There is no thanks needed. I've been telling people for months we had a good shot. The right time with the right candidate, timely placed ads driving the people to our website so they could read and see the other side. Truth and honesty wins over money, family names and party affiliation again.


We are two for two in McLennan County


This is just one hurdle over many. As we head toward the next Legislative Session. We have big plans, join us, ride with us, stand with us.

None of this is rocket science. Stay the course, fight the good fight, never waver, have faith.


A Special Thanks to our political consultant "Craig Owenby", my friend and mentor in politics.