Does surrounding yourself with the Ole Red, White & Blue excuse you from breaking the law? That's exactly what will be going on during the Dallas Mega March on Saturday. Every group of law breakers including those from terrorist ridden countries will be represented by lawyers, politicians, religious organizations and every other schmuck that can afford a bull horn.


Scheduled speakers include Martin Luther King, III, actors Jamie Fox and Danny Glover, faith leaders, dreamers, and several local and nationally known elected officials. Not a one of these fuckers will lift a finger to help the poor black people of Sand Branch, not a one will spend a portion of their millions to help the homeless of Dallas & FTW who will be not far away from Dallas City Hall,  Americans All.


We get it, we don't want to separate families that have children who have grown up here in this country. Nobody wants that unless daddy is a drug dealer or terrorists. We're really talking recent imports of the Obama years. 



The fact is we can't keep importing people who want to be a country within a country. Muslims in particular. For at least the last decade that's exactly what we've allowed the progressive democrats to do. Barrack Obama had that program on steroids.


We are a debtor Nation we borrow money to run the country, sooner or later it catches up, we go broke.  


People come in and do not assimilate into our society, we have entire neighborhoods where English is rarely spoken, the children have to translate for their parents. We see this all the time during summer months if you employee yard workers.


I see it from my Hispanic side of the family, sweetest people you would ever want to meet who immigrated from Mexico. Their children are patriotic, educated and here is the kicker, they see their old relatives as ignorant and avoid them at all costs. They never quit complaining about them. They are as divided as any other American family out there and for the same reasons.


They will see the Mega March differently, they will see a bunch of ignorant foreigners lead around by those that benefit in some way, donations, welfare, government grants, government contracts. For every march participant there are hundreds not marching, not seeking special privileges or status that they have no rights to. 


It's sad that we have Americans marching in support of foreigners and yet won't lift a finger to help the homeless, the people of Sand Branch and the Bikers who's constitutional rights have been trampled on in Waco.


We too have rallies coming up for them and it may not be mega, but it will be for the right reasons and it will be for American Citizens... 


Just maybe we can have a Motorcycle Mega Ride & Rally, just sayin...