Like many cities in Texas, Garland seems to have been bought and paid for by muslims. Cash is king in cash strapped cities and politicians who would sell their souls to the devil. In this case that's exactly what they've done.


Wherever there is a mosque in Texas cash was the fertilizer that paved the way.


Like Mexican's they are becoming a country in within, only this country sees their quran as the supreme law, not our Constitution. Like illegals they are now in our face mode, they are provoking all hard working Americans, they've bought our politicians. We must now identity them.


Lets start with #1 Barrack Hussein Obama who was described by Rev. Franklin Graham as a muslim sympathizer. Texas Biker Radio and the leadership of SOLR RC has been pointing this out for years to anyone that would listen and today it's more obvious than ever.


Of course that's the obvious, we'll turn to our local politicians and school boards that are have been bought and paid for. The one's that would sell their country to the highest bidding terrorist organizations....


Lets Roll





The muslims now have their own phone books, this can be useful.