Justice For Virgil Rally

Attention 2nd Amendment Advocates - CHL Holders
On May 13th 2023 12pm
Bell County Justice Center 1201 Huey Dr.
Belton TX


Bell County Residents, welcome to Texas Biker Radio News. Our Mission is to protect the US Constitution and those who've had their Constitutional Rights Violated. It's not the first time we've rallied in support of people who've been arrested with these Unconstitutional charges of criminal charges while carry a CHL. Let us point out you do have a say in this. At the Rally we will explain why we "know" the charges are unconstitutional. Matter of fact the Texas Court Of Appeals in a unanimous decision stated the law as written is unconstitutional.


When the Sate legislature creates a law that the have not vetted to see what Constitutional Rights might be in peril, it's an open gate for abuse by those that have power over the ordinary citizens. Yes Biker are a reflection of the rest of our society, they have families, job's like everyone else.


We are holding a Rally in support of Virgil, a 73yo senior citizen  who was arrested for criminal carry even though he had a valid CHL. Arrested even though the State of Texas had vetted him as a non criminal. Come see and hear why we "know" this is Unconstitutional in so many ways and how it can effect you.


Come to hear our side of the untold story May 13th 2023 12pm Bell County Justice Center


Butch "Popeye" Moss

Natl President Sons Of Liberty Riders MC 

Texas Biker Radio News