Law Enforcement along with the fake media continues to use Twinn Peaks as an example to vilify Motorcycle Clubs as a whole. Understand Law Enforcement is not a pillar of truth by any means. Before you hang your hat on what they tell you is truth learn some facts.


1) There was not a single conviction of the over 200 motorcyclist originally arrested at Twinn Peaks.


2) Waco PD / DPS played a part in instigating the whole thing.


3) Waco PD Never contacted the event organizers to express their concerns.


4) Sargent Swanton, The DPS and the media vilified bikers with false reporting (hype) in order to scare the citizenry of Mclennan County. We call it setting the narrative.


5) The Abel Reyna downfall was propelled by a combination of political arrogance and greed, not to mention the willingness to send the innocent to prison. 


6) The one trial led by Abel Reyna with 4 years of foot dragging , Bandido Jake ended in a mistrial. Jake stood his ground and spoke truth in the face of a mountain of lies in the courtroom. No jury in Texas will ever find you guilty of trying to protect yourself, family and friends. "ever"!


7) There was never a proper police investigation done then and now.


8) There was collusion between the courts, the DA's Office and Law Enforcement. It continues today. 


9) Waco is facing over a hundred civil suits as the results a misguided police operation, a rogue DA mad with power and a court system of corrupt judges. Today the courts maneuver to delay those trials from going forward.


Watch Closely as the trial begins in Milam County.


No Motorcycle Club has and  never will attack a jury or court. No MC would ever attack the citizenry as described by the DPS (Waco). 


Note: There is not a Motorcycle Club in Texas that is banned from existing. Motorcycle Clubs are not street gangs. The hype by Law Enforcement doesn't match the public reality.


We are not Angels and we are not criminals. We are a reflection of the rest of society as is law enforcement itself. The good outweighs the bad by a very large margin.


And that's the truth!