Tonight We Present A Special Podcast Addressed To The People of Milam County

Milam County Citizens

There are multiple reasons we bring this case to you.


#1 is the violations of Constitutional Rights by our State and Federal Governments. In this case of a 24 year Combat Veteran known as Bandido Patrick. Whats happening to him should be aggravating and insulting to every American Citizen who believes in the Constitution.


Governor Gregg Abbott along with the DPS and State Legislators have created Laws without knowing the ramifications they have on our Constitutional Rights. Then again maybe they do? Law Enforcement throughout the State participates in TX Gang Databases, They're mandated to collect data on gangs and what they call Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs (OMG's).


Motorcycle Clubs are not Boy Scouts but they are a far cry from real street gangs.



The DPS puts out the Texas Gang Threat Assessment each year. Its mostly years of cut & paste. Rankings and opinions with very little evidence that backs up those opinions. Especially when it comes to Motorcycle Clubs. For example, the crimes listed for the Bandidos are, they ride in a pack, they wear insignia's, they participate in charity events and they are low key. Where's the crime in the report? Crimes of the individuals in Motorcycle Clubs are far and few between and the very reason they say low key.


There's just not much there there.


Please note: There's only one Club that's ever been convicted as a criminal organization and they are not based in Texas. With very little evidence other than past crimes from years gone by a jury convicted the Mongols as a criminal organization and should forfeit their trademarked patches. But not so fast, the upper courts overturned the jury's decisions. That case for the most part fell apart over Constitutional issues such as the 1st Amendment.


Here's the truth and you can handle it...


The truth is MC's are a reflection of the rest of our society when it comes to criminal activities, there are good and bad everywhere in our society, this includes Law Enforcement. Who's now under strict scrutiny (for recent murders of the innocent) by the public and police review boards which are growing by leaps & bounds.


Motorcycle Clubs are not involved in mass shootings, convenience / drug store robberies, shooting innocent citizens, firing weapons in neighborhoods or major drug crimes. They are not part of what we see going on today. Watch the damned news please.


So in order to get people into the Governors databases we now have a mandated Law Enforcement Profiling Motorcyclist. They have great power and leeway. Matter of fact too much power which is based on opinion rather than fact. Not real evidence you've ever committed crime tooling down the highway. He or she is profiling based on opinions of persons / entities who will benefit in some way. Like more fusion centers, military grade equipment, jobs, grants / money. All to justify their existence and the quest for more. They need boogie men real or made up. We call it hype, over a threat that is not there. MC's are not committing major crime in this State or across the Nation. The DPS is the worst when it comes to hype and false narratives.


An officer can turn you a criminal in the eyes of the Law with no probable cause (wearing a patch is not it 1st Amendment), no jury, no chance to face your accuser (per the 6th Amendment). The President is going through this now, his accuser is anonymous. Whats the difference in this case when the accuser is a nameless, faceless person from a database center. It's all secret don't you know?


Patrick was arrested and now faces trial based on being in a database. A  database we know has innocent people in it, innocent people who have committed no crime ever! People who do not belong to a 1% Club.


We are seeking redress from the people of Milam County through Jury Nullification.


Jury nullification occurs when a jury returns a verdict of "Not Guilty" despite its belief that the defendant is guilty of the violation charged. The jury in effect nullifies a law that it believes is either "immoral or wrongly applied" to the defendant whose fate they are charged with deciding.