Welcome Waco Voters


​As we all know law officers and prosecutors do not always tell the truth. They must paint a picture to fit their actions good or bad. Motorcyclist are a mirror of image our society regardless who they associate with, their looks or what the might be wearing. Like all Americans we have Constitutional rights. Like all segments of our society there exists good and bad. We would submit to you the bad cops outweigh the bad bikers... If you've been watching the nightly news you know this is true... 


​Over the past decade Motorcyclist and Motorcycle Clubs have changed, but law enforcement gang task forces refuse to recognize it as they tell lies and innuendos to from decades back justify their existence and actions.


Retired law officers have actually admitted they took part in sparking violence between clubs. Waco PD through court documents and news stories had undercover law officers embeded, has admitted they met with the Cossacks multiple times before Twinn Peaks. Never once calling the TCOCI to explain their concerns.


Below is almost 3 hours of video and audio addressed to you. We invite you to come back again and again as this story unfolds. Like you we do not know the truth of it all. What we explain is what we know to be true. We are not professional broadcasters and we do not have scripted material. But instead of a 3 minute sound bit you get the whole story as we know it.  



Waco Truth Of It All from Texas Biker Radio on Vimeo.


Welcome Waco Voters

Audio Below 

Steve Cochran 24 yr Waco Resident

US Defender State Commander



SHOW NOTE: It was the "Blue Spider MC" DPS Officer Schwartz (gang expert) testified about that does not exist..