In cities across America there are constant battles between the rich, the famous and well connected. The fight for control is never ending as one family after the other waits their turn in line or opportunity.

In the community they embed themselves and family members as Attorneys, Law Enforcement, Judges, City Councilmen, County Commissioners, School Boards and for good measure lets list the council of governments (they are appointed).

Their control can spread from county to county as family members outgrow the number of posts in a particular city. Maybe they want their own legacy? Who knows?

This is what we call the Good Ole Boy Network where everybody has each other’s back. The Good Ole Boys can even make it to the State Capital where they can manipulate us all even more by passing laws that benefit them and the cronies back home or around the State ...

For those that hold or are running for elected offices will lie and tell you what they think you want to hear. I can count the ones I really believe as honest on two fingers and I know many.

There are certain things that drive these individuals and families. #1. They are full of themselves (love the spotlight - love their titles), control and greed. The whole system wreaks with nepotism, cronyism and now corporatism.

The news media plays a vital part in making these people bigger than life. When in actuality they put their clothes on the same way we do, they are not gods!

Even those with meager means ends up being well off thanks to the taxpayers and unsuspecting citizens who do not pay attention to politics. There are always extra campaign funds and money under the table for favors. Many elected positions have generous retirements. This is the reason these families and individuals will fight, beat the hell out of each other, lie and vilify, for jobs that have little or no pay.

How often do we have to see a campaign that spends way more than the jobs worth before we get it? Greed and control of tax payers’ money and control of where it goes (contract control) is what its all about. School boards are among the worst.


Its this way from City Hall to the White House. McLennan County Sheriff McNamara was right when he said "it's just the way it is in Waco". That maybe the first honest statement we've heard come out of Waco authorities in six months. 

Americans are starving for honest government, finding the honest man or woman in this day and age is incredibly hard, there are so few. But to break the chains that are eating away at our country, our Constitution that is the supreme Law of the land we must continue the search…

We all must look at those who are running in this next election cycle, are they honest, trustworthy, believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights?


Most of all are they a part of the Good Ole Boy Network?