Sargent Swanton


We quote: Just hours after after a parking lot fight and law enforcement assault Sargent Swanton said. 


Are we asking for cooperation from known criminal bike gangs? Absolutely, we are. We are asking them to stand down. We are asking them to let us sort through our investigation and we will be honest with them as well as we were honest with you all and will continue to be.


What happened after that statement was anything but truth and honesty. Bible toting Swanton just threw the 10 commandments out the window by Bering false witness, again and again and again. So many time it's hard to keep count.  Even though they've been caught in lies he's sticking to it, Gods gonna have some questions for him one day. He's going to hell along with a host of others in The Good Ole Boy Judicial System. 


​Note: The investigation ended when Able Reyna showed up, forced weak individuals within Waco PD  and colluded with former DPS officer disguised as a JOP.  Peter is his name. 


At that point Constitutional Rights of the innocent flew out the window in favor of lies, fabrication, vilification, false reports by the DPS. Sgt Swanton got his 15 min of fame through a willing media. The Boy from Piggly Wiggly had arrived.  I'm gonna be Sheriff he thought.


Liars are eventually cornered because they get wild and careless, lies get hard to keep track of and in sync, but not before they have done much damage. Liars with a badge and a rigged system behind them can and have gotten away with things we cannot imagine.


We are seeing it play out in McLennan County, are you watching?