Vladmir Lennin said "an organized minority will defeat a disorganized majority every time"

All For 1 2nd Wave:  It would be sad for us to report that at this juncture few have responded to step forward and challenge Waco PD and their judicial system over the unconstitutional arrest, 1 million dollar bonds, seizure of property and the actions taken by WPD which resulted in 9 dead 18 wounded


We should demand our State leaders investigate public private prisons for the corruption and nepotism that exists throughout the State of Texas.


Through the law of "lesser magistrate" the people can demand that law enforcement be stripped of militarized hardware and the ability to confiscate without legitimate charges and have duel law enforcement commissions (federal & State) in the state of Texas.


This is an action that all states can make if the people would demand it of their leaders. However, if the people remain quiet and conciliatory nothing will happen to change what is clearly a violation of the Constitution which is the Supreme Law of the land.


Club  leaders, Independents and Constitutional patriots? Where were you in the All For 1 Rally & Protest?


We have planned a 2nd Wave All For 1 Rally & Protest in Waco July 18th 6PM


"It does not take a majority to prevail... but rather an irate, tireless minority keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men." Samuel Adams



lesser magistrate:


America has entered troubling times. The rule of law is crumbling. The massive expansion of Federal government power with its destructive laws and policies is of grave concern to many.


But what can be done to quell the abuse of power by civil authority? Are unjust or immoral actions by the government simply to be accepted and their lawless commands obeyed?


How do we know when the government has acted tyrannically? Which actions constitute proper and legitimate resistance? This Doctrine places in your hands a hopeful blueprint for freedom.


How Americans can successfully resist the Federal government’s attempts to trample our Constitution, assault our liberty, and impugn the law of God. The doctrine of the lesser magistrates declares that when the superior or higher civil authority makes an unjust/immoral law or decree, the lesser or lower ranking civil authority has both the right and duty to refuse obedience to that superior authority.


If necessary, the lower authority may even actively resist the superior authority. Historically, this doctrine was practiced before the time of Christ and Christianity. It was Christian men, however, who formalized and embedded it into their political institutions throughout Western Civilization.


The doctrine of the lesser magistrates is a historic tool that provides proven guidelines for proper and legitimate resistance to tyranny, often without causing any major upheaval in society.


The doctrine teaches us how to rein in lawless acts by government and restore justice in our nation. “Use this sword against my enemies, if I give righteous commands; but if I give unrighteous commands, use it against me.” -Roman Emperor Trajan, speaking to one of his subordinates