Because the mainstream media and cable networks like CNN - MSNBC - FNC - PBR and a host of others. The people are starved for fair and honest investigative reporting. We certainly didn't see that Jan 6th 2020 in our nation's capital.

In unison, what we had was a propaganda machine spit out one lie after the other doing best to conviene us the people were storming the capital building in an attempted coup. Those of us that were paying attention to the day's events know the truth.

Prior to Jan 6th we at TBRN sent out a warning of antifa / blm thugs dressing as patriots were going to infiltrate the crowds wearing Patriots clothing and MAGA hats. The plan was to infiltrate and cause chaos when opportunities came. 

In a speech by President Trump at the stop the steal rally earlier in the day warned antifa they were being monitored. That warning was ignored, antifa / blm had their marching orders from above. It also was reported that a bus load of these characters were seen arriving and dispersing into the crowds. 

The opportunity came when the Patriots heard that mike pence was not going to follow the Constitution and inject himself into the fray over illegal electoral votes. The Patriots moved toward the capitol building to seek redress per their 1st amendment rights as American citizens.


Seeing an oportunity and first to arrive antifa / blm members, some in their custom dress of black went to what was apparently an unprotected building. The building where unlawful electoral votes were to be counted by politicians drunk with power.  

Let the designed chaos begin as antifa / blm types began getting their usual photo opps inside the capitol building. A lady was shot and killed trying to get in through a window. The fbi is investigating just who might have shot her, which doesn't give us hope of any truth. Maybe they'll announce they can't enterview her so case closed? Nothing to see here. Another opportunity to smear the Patriots with false narratives. 

So those inside (politicians) counting unlawful electoral votes go into a panic, led by those who were once again asleep at the wheel. As the antifa / blm types waltzed into the building hustled them out with guns drawn.
Lookin back less than 24 hrs later, was part of this staged? Opportunities for the antifa / blm were just too damned easy in what should have been a fortress. 

So the Patriots in the thousands stand outside the building while the obvious tactics of the antifa / blm types are used in battle with the cops for hours. 100's of media people (including citizen journalists) move towards the entrance where the battle rages.

We watch all this happen in real time, your thinking this is pointless as Patriots mill around and the deep state inside is going to protect itself. The only thing gained was the msm now has a new narrative to spread.

Trump announces late in the afternoon Patriots go home, thank you, we love you! Be peaceful we are the party of law and order.

Today it's our job to set the story straight. It's something we at TBRN has been doing for a long time.

Our message to you is stand up, don't be dejected, soon these despots who have done this to us will be campaigning again. Remember all politics start locally run for office if you know and love the Constitution. We'll pick em off one at a time, write down the names....


For the policians on the republican side if it manages to stay alive should get ready for a deserved ass whoopin... in other words a real house cleaning..


More to come... rest up take a deep breath... get ready as the fight continues..