Multiple cases of gunfire, shootouts in both Dallas and Fort Worth  over the last week has shown us just how dangerous our neighborhoods have become in North Texas. Lets point out this uptick in violence has nothing to do with Motorcycle Clubs or Club Members.


But lets not let the facts from preventing law enforcement in Texas from becoming the "clothing police". In other words stopping Bikers for what they might be wearing. The reason we add might is that many times they haven't a clue who's who based on colors. Some police like the Fort Worth gang unit will call in their "investigation" even though a crime has not been committed and no probable cause. We certainly think a traffic violation like 5 mph over, improper turn signal, over the white line or wearing a vest with patches constitutes a crime or probable cause? It's certainly nothing to be taken to jail for.


Whats worse is the laws the legislature passes that mandates this crap while real crimes go unchecked. We have drugs on every street corner, every school