You have to understand just what the enemies are. We now know who within this country are traitors. Know that they are not just coming after Trump to put him in prison, to totally destroy him. He has to know this.


The media is already calling for the elimination of Trump supporters, but first in the coming days they will attempt to silence our voices through censorship. Are you ready FOR A TOTAL BLACKOUT?


Our enemies are more than just the traitors hiding behind our walls of government. The enemies are a digital global system with armies, navies, air forces. If Patriots along with the President do not stand up now we "will lose" the Republic. If you think if you will just give in and go back to life as normal you are not paying attention.


Democrats and Republicans had no say in the rigged 2021 election Nov. 3rd elections and if Biden is sworn in we never again will. Globalist will be in charge world wide because we are the last wall of freedom. They along with big tech allies will know every keystroke of every text message about to be sent, every email you have sent or about to send, every website, web search, phone call you've made. Not to mention all your financial data.


In the coming days the people are going to be confused. Especially those that have followed msm and have bought what they were selling. Pelosi will soon start articles of impeachment on Monday or Tuesday. The minute that happens moves must be made. Look for antifa /blm members under orders from the deep state to come out swinging in cities that will allow the to burn. Chaos until order is restored.

We cannot hide from them. The fight has to come now, there is no turning back, there is no wait and see. Insurrection now Mr. President you have no choice, save the Republic.




Fight or Die