Sasquatch On The Road #27

Sasquach Un-cut Un-edited as only he can tell it...



Well howdy everybody,  welcome to the Sasquatch on the road report #16Texas Bikers &
bikers of the biker Nation everywhere across the Nation; around the world ! The 2022 bike
week at Sturgis South Dakota is officially over for another year and What a bike week it was !


Personally I wish I could have been there but like to many of us I didn't have the finance's to
pull it off this year��waaa ! An old friend of mine use to say quot; snivel, snivel, snivel, Cry, But I
would love to go at least one more time before I get too old to ride yall ! The statistics say that
the participation was down slightly this year compared to 2021 although the traffic numbers
were up if that makes any sense ? But even the pros admit that it is nearly impossible to know
how many people actually attended because of so many rural areas and places that cant be
known how many people came there to visit Sturgis S.D. @ this year's motorcycle rally. Oh
excuse the color shift !. However, violent crimes were down but sex trafficking was up there were apparently four motorcycle related deaths, but considering the thousands or riders in attendance, 4 is a low number of fatalitys


.Apparently there was no commy fashist organizations on hand to protest the rampant Freedom being enjoyed byall !At the biggest Motorcycle rally in the World ! Only In America folks . In the land of the Free and the home of the brave ! And not to forget the inventors of Harley Davidson Motorcycles, Salute .Yah at least it has been, in the past which leads me to break out the old Soap Box for some class A Bitchen !
Ok don;t worry about the seat belts but this could be a bumpy ride !Well folks Brothers and
Sisters of the biker Nation, my biggest bitch is the direct results of the first successful coup in
American Governments history, the Presidential election was rigged stolen by the disgusting
and falonius Democrats the malicious party of Hate, who are for almost two years now been
working with the leftous haters and Comunist Governments, and demented morons like George Soros would like to destroy America, and turn it into a socialist 3rd world Country .Which is Communism by its true nature name !


And you may ask why would they want to do such a terrible thing like that? Especially when its been proven down through history that Comunizum does not work and is totally unsuccessful every time ? And I
bluntly reply, the true reason is because they are advocates lovers of Satan !


Ha ! NLOL) NOT LAUGHING OUTLOUD) but you know the one that so many people don't believe
even exists ?Yeah Him, the Father of all lies . And its been said his greatest accomplishment
is getting you to believe that he doesnt exist . Well people Im dont want to preach to you, but
what is it going to take to get you to see the truth ? And understand whats going on here and
how to remedy this ugly problem ?I have only one more comment on this subject, God said that
because of all the Evil Sin, caused by the one formally known as Lucifer, the morning star,
that God will finally destroy the World by fire ! Im sure many of you dont want to hear that but it
has to be said because the truth must be known !Because I dont want to see any Brothers Sisters or good folks spend eternity in Hell Im not afraid to spread the good news about the way to get to Heaven ! Like the song says if you want to get to heaven, you got to raise a little hell quot; but you dont need to go there !!!! Well I guess my one more comment turned into several but when you're passionate about a thing this important, it just cant be helped !O, and dont

let me forget to bitch about J. Biden, we all call him the Potato head, the worst president to
ever deface the Whitehouse ! The Commander & thief, worse than Obama! His moronic
bungling has cost American big time and he has proven that he is nothing more than a puppet
for the leftous haters & the entire party of Hate, yes the Demonrats, also known as the DNC
.Whatever, but hate breeds more hate pretty soon the world wont be worth living in & many 

countrys arent al ready .


And the Communist governments of those third world countries would like nothing better than to see us Americans destroyed as well. The Potato head has caused a lot of it here in the USA by showing the world that he is a weak moron that has no business being elected to the office of the President of the United States of America ! And I assure you thats not all I have to say about that ! In my opinion he undid
everything good that the United States has done in Afghanistan and handed the Taliban a victory and made us all look like the moron that he is, an abandoned multi-millions of dollars worth of military equipment just left it too our enemies, and I also blame him for Russias war against Ukraine because he projects nothing but weakness .


How pathetic ! He is actively involved in trying to destroy our economy and control our money without prejudice and he must be stopped before he accomplishes his goal ! He sponsored a bill that the Democrats passed to end cash and go to electronic chips to control your money and if he gets his way we will see an end to America as we know it .People, we have to stand up and fightback, not just us bikers but all Patriots, everyone who loves their country ,everyone who loves America has got to put an end to this
corrupt and pathetic government that has taken over our Country and is actively trying to take our freedom ! We must unite and organize and vote in the midterm elections, and defeat this evil enemy from within before we have no country left to defend ! United we stand divided we fall !This has been the Sasquatch on the road report number 16 . I would like to thank my sponsors the Sons of Liberty Riders MC . Thank you Brothers I wouldn't be here without Yall .And a special thanks to And thanks to Popeye OG for making this all possible, Your the tops !

Ps, also I want to ask all the Believers out there to say a prayer��for our National Sargent of
Arms, Geezer, who is battling cancer, we need a miracle to return him to health . And the
power of prayer can do that!

Sasquatch SOLRMC