Sasquatch On The Road #9


Well howdy everybody from us here in North Texas, and from Texas Biker Radio, welcome to

the Sasquatch on the road report #9. Started on O8/23/20 .


Texas bikers & bikers across the nation & beyond ! It's time for yours truly (Sasquatch of SOLR MC) to break out the soap box climb up on it & give Y'all a heads up on what's been happening in the biker world & news of the maham that's been taking place across the USA .

It's the Third week Of August already and I would like to say that the Sturgis bike Rally went off
without a hitch but on the last day of the rally Antifa had to show its ugliness and hate, at such a
place as Sturgis S. Dakota where 10's of thousands of Bikers were out enjoying their freedom in
the land of the free ! Only a small group of Atifa showed up but soon a crowd of bikers gathered
and before you know it tempers flared .

And the bikers were now totally surrounding the protesters, who decided to stand in the
middle of the street and fly their gay flags and hold up there posters of protest, I! and if
the police hadn't been there to protect them when a dumb ass Antifa member decided to
kick the saddle bag of a passing motorcycle, that crowd would of handed those
protesters their asses ! When the crowd of bikers rushed the protesters it was all the
police could do to hold them back . And as soon as they managed get the crowd to
move back they immediately arrested the large green haired protester that kicked at the
Motorcycle, forcing him to the ground cuffed him, and managed to defuse the situation
by then escorting all remaining Antifa members out of town and hopefully told them not
to return again or else !

The crowd of bikers started celebrating giving each other high 5's and laughing and jumping
around as the police escorted the rest of Antifa away from the scene !

Yea we sent those trouble makers packing Man ! Them Antifa were lucky they weren't on their
way to the E.R. that day folks ! Yea at the biggest biker rally in America, packed with American
Patriots is no place to protest & proclaim your fashizum & Marxism & your hate for America ! I
hope they learned a lesson and don't try to return there again in another year ! Or you Marxists
Morons could really get hurt ! That Crap ain't going to fly at The Sturgis biker rally !

However in other parts of the Country, in City's run by the Democratic Governors & Mayors
that I call Demonrats, there is another completely different story !  And if you ask me this rioting looting & general Anarchy has as much to do with those who hate are President Trump, & America if not more than it has to do with the death of a known criminal, Jeorge Floyd . And rage against the Police, because he was black, if he had been of another race it would have been pretty much swept under the rug & forgotten about in my opinion! But Marxists & hater groups like the B.L.M. Antifa and others have been waiting to jump
at the chance to burn America down and inflict as much damage to our Country as they possibly
can with no consideration for their victims whatsoever ! 


But the fact that this hate is being financed by the elite's of the New World Order by the likes of
Jeorge Soros, the self hating Jew & other evil haters in the N.W.O. how completely and utterly
disgusting & mind blowing ! But of course the media is not about to tell you that . Because they
are in the pocket of the party of hate, the lousy low life Demoncraps, and they can't be trusted
nor will they tell the truth. Or the entire story !

Well folks, even now the rioting is still going on in several major cities including Seattle
Washington, Portland Oregon, Chicago Illinois and others, all over the country, but it has been
Stopped by the Feds working beside local law enforcement in some cities & with the help of the
National guard like Minneapolis Minnesota, but the damage done by these so called peaceful
protesters ( more Democratic lies) to these cities is extensive to say the least . And when you
have businesses looted & burned to the ground there's nothing peaceful about it ! O, and there
are always the victims of these hate crimes who have had their livelihoods taken from them .
This Insanity has to stop, cease and desist . If it takes the National Guard to accomplish it then
send them in ! These thugs & haters of America need to experience some real punishment &
lock down time !

And that's what President Trump has been indicating to try to stop the violence, but the leaders
of those city's have to ask for help from the Government & in many cases they are not willing to
do that, they would rather watch their City's get burned to the ground then to stop this criminal
rioting in its tracks ! And they have told their police to stand down & not to engage them . They
are nothing more than invidious & pathetic haters .

Because obviously these leaders are Pro Criminal and haters of their own country ! And have
been bought off and paid for by the new world order Comunist ! That's what we have come to
people, from the educated minds of the hating & criminal leftus . I used to think that an
education was for a person to do good with ? But no, we are living in the last days before the
start of the Tribulation described in the book of Revelations which climaxes with the battle of the
Armageddon and the second coming of Christ. And we are struggling hard to keep this republic
together !


And if sleepy Joe Biden & the Demonrats get back in power, it's all over but the crying
! They want to enact the Green New Raw Deal & kill all oil and gas production and triple your
taxes across the board ! And that's just for starters fellow bikers . They want to tear down
Trump's beautiful new wall & give all the illegal aliens free tax payer paid health care, how long
do you think that money will last ? And let all the criminal third world aliens back into our
Country. Totally destroying what is left of our sovereignty, and killing our jobs, all for the good of
the world ? I don't think so my friends, instead it would be a power play on their part & a total
disaster for all of us American citizens !

Now if you are going to vote for them you must also hate your own Country or your drummer
than dirt, there can be no other explanation ! A vote for the Democrats is a vote for the
destruction of America, That's just the way it is folks . Because Socialism does not work, and it
never has all down through history it's all bomb bad . And we the people must stop it from
becoming a reality here in America . And we who can vote, must vote for the only president who
can keep this country and our republic together . And make America Great again ! Okay it's time
to give my soap box a rest Fellow bikers ! Shew that was some kind of raggin but it needed to
be said !

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