Here is a first cut of the new Make America Great Again Manifesto:

The Situation:

The USA is the greatest nation on earth, the apex of the greatest civilization, Judeo-Christian civilization, founded as it is on Man’s liberty being God-given.

A world without strong American leadership is world destabilized by regimes which feel free to threaten both America and her allies and friends.

For decades, the American people have been betrayed by a political and business elite which does not believe in the United States.

That elite is kept in power by a complicit media which acts as a willing propaganda arm and a permanent bureaucracy of unelected and unremovable officials who believe the will of the people and the people’s choice of President is irrelevant in comparison to their ideological goals.

We believe America’s original values must be reinstated for all Americans to live in freedom and for the World to be stable.

What MAGA Patriots need to do:

Secure fair and free elections. This is the responsibility of EVERY patriot.
Re-elect President Donald Trump, the man detested by both sides of the establishment elite because he is a threat to their entrenched way of business.


Restore rule-of-law by impeaching any judge who favors criminals based upon skin color.

Protect American companies and American employees with tariffs which penalize foreign manufacturers (especially China) and U.S. companies who outsource jobs to other countries.

Rebuild America’s military so that it can win any war with any enemy. Excise all ideology from within the armed services, starting with DEI and CRT.

Reinstate aggressive tariffs against our greatest strategic foe, the communist state of China.

Punish universities which discriminate based upon race or ethnicity by denying them of all federal funding and stripping them of their non-profit status.

Identify the worst criminals of the permanent bureaucracy who have used the FBI, DOJ, and the Intelligence Community to political target Americans, denude them of their civil rights “under the color of law,” and prosecute them in a court of law outside of Washington, DC.

Effect a Presidential pardon for all January 6th defendants who were maltreated by the DOJ, kept in pretrial custody for years and given custodial sentences for merely walking peacefully inside Congress.


Investigate and sanction all those responsible for those politically-motivated prosecutions and provide financial compensation and support for the families of the five defendants, like Matt Perna, who have committed suicide as a result of the DOJ’s relentless targeting.

Establish a Presidential Committee to investigate the events of January 6, starting with why the current director of the FBI continues to refuse to answer under oath the simple question of how many undercover agents or assets were involved that day.


Establish a Presidential Committee to investigate the release of COVID from China, and the culpability of U.S. government employees in providing Gain of Function funding to the Chinese army biolab located in Wuhan, starting with Anthony Fauci.
Secure the border as we did during the Trump administration.


Effect the deportation of all those let illegally into America by Biden’s DHS, except for the fraction who can unequivocally demonstrate that they are asylum-seekers who would be killed if they returned home and are not in fact economic migrants.
Finish building the Wall.

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