The 2017 Lets Roll 911 Memorial Ride, Is meant to honor the 8 children that dies on 9-11, all first responders, The 3000 children who lost mothers and fathers, our troops who have paid the ultimate sacrifice and the wounded.


Your all invited, it's not just for the motorcycles, bring what ya got and decorate with flags. the more the better.


Our Mission is to educate and remember not only who perpetrated the attack , but the sacrifice that's been endured by our country. "Never forget"!


September 10th 2017 we've chose to ride in honor of these 8 children and all of those killed and wounded at the hands of terrorists since 2001.

We ride to let the people know terrorism still exists, we are still targets. We salute our troops in foreign lands and those who protect us here at home, little has been done to secure our borders where the perpetrators of 911 entered our country. Our Borders remain as porous as ever since 2001. Our politicians actually funnel potential terrorists in like water.


We must look to these little Angles of the past to see the future.


Juliana Valentine McCourt May 4, 1997~Sept. 11, 2001 4 yrs. old was one of 8 children who died on 911. Did the media ever say much about them, since we got involved we've had people tell us they had no clue children were killed. Realize there was nothing left for these parents or family members to bury.


The 8 Children Lost their Lives on Flights 77 and 175

Asia Cottom (age 11)
Rodney Dickens (age 11)
Bernard Curtis Brown II (age 11)
Zoe Falkenberg (age 8)
Dana Falkenberg (age 3)
Juliana Valentine McCourt (age 4)
David Reed Gamboa-Brandhorst (age 3)
Christine Lee Hanson (age 2)

Flight Crews  11, 77, 175, 93, Passengers,  WTC 1&2, 3000 children who lost parents, Our Troops KIA & Wounded, Fort Hood, Boston, Benghazi, 
San Bernardino, Orlando Fla, Ohio State, University Of Ca, Chattanooga, Tenn, Moore OK, Waltham, MA, Little Rock, AR, Seattle


Prior To 911


WA, Empire State Building shooting, 994 Brooklyn Bridge shooting, 1993 World Trade Center bombing




The 2017 Lets Roll 9-11 Memorial Ride (Texas Style) from Texas Biker Radio on Vimeo.



5th Annual “Let’s Roll”  911 Memorial Ride



Riding in Memory of those who can no longer speak and those who now protect us from those who would kill and maim the innocent.  

When: Sept. 10th 2017

Where: 12: Noon - Dallas Harley Davidson  1334 W Centerville Rd, Garland, TX

KSU: 1:PM Sharpe


3:PM Service at Grapevine Flight Memorial  1000 Texan Trail ,Grapevine, TX

Sponsored by
Sons Of Liberty Riders MC
Dallas HD

Texas Biker Radio